Amira Global

Amira Global

Amira Global is an independent not for profit organisation representing members from the resources industry seeking to enhance, sustain and deliver transformation research and development, innovation and implementation to the benefit of society.

Established over 60 years ago Amira Global enjoys a well-respected brand in the industry to work on behalf of its members to:

  • Identify challenges and leverage R&D,
  • Serve society’s future resource needs,
  • Add value to the resource sector ecosystem, and - Enhance networking and education1

In 2004 Amira led an international effort to identify and prioritise technology related research and development priorities for the copper industry to address some of the some of the most important technical, economic, and social challenges of the coming decade and beyond, and published the Copper Technology Roadmap.

The nine-month effort coordinated collaboration with nine copper companies and associate sponsors, resulting in over 100 identified R&D needs, many of which overlapped to form larger technology pathways and programs.

Importantly Amira recognised the technology road mapping activities of other organisations relevant to copper mining. Resulting activities included the formation of the Copper Technology Working Group to progress the Research and Development high priority needs.

... our remit is to help our members find some solutions to mega challenges through collaboration and finding the best brains to work on problems. And that’s across the spectrum of the mine value chain, and looking at R&D, innovation, implementation, and finding pathways for commercialization, not doing the commercialization ourselves, but encouraging the R&D, to the outputs, to find a way to deliver them. Dr Jacqui Coombes, Managing Director and CEO, Amira